Letter to my people in Nairobi

To the people in Nairobi, to those who were born here, those who came for the hustle,  to those who who came by way of an affinity and finally to those who came here for studies like I did. May peace be upon you.

I believe paul left out this letter  because he thought I was the best messeger to deliver this message.

First and foremost, I hope you are well  coping with the situation in Nairobi. In Nairobi it’s either you are dealing with the heat waves, the chilly nights, the inflation and the creme de la creme, a broken heart.
But in whatever you are going through I appeal to you my brothers and sisters to take heart.
The message of peace in Nairobi is a foreign concept. For What is placidity?
I hear in Nairobi  just like the way people never used to talk without their lawyer, they now cannot talk without their therapists, again what is  good mental health in Nairobi?

It is reported, that it’s in Nairobi that people had their highest highs and their lowest lows,
It is in Nairobi that people’s tear glands run out of salt and water, indeed a sort of inflation of its kind.
It is in Nairobi that people had their loudest laughs and their highest pitched wails..

In Nairobi, ushawahi wachwa leo kesho mtu yako akamove in na mtu yake next day,  Also in Nairobi I hear that you are all on a journey kwani what type of ngataa are you using even after the ngataa shortage? Kwani ain’t the journey ending?  Wow Nairobians what happened to Chilvary?!

English has finished Nairobians.

It is Nairobi where people met their supposed prince and princess repulsion. It is said that in Nairobi the day you found love is the day you lost love, but this is not about Love Nairobians I believe the unknown messenger told you a lot about Love in his Song of Solomon.

Dear Nairobians I would have wished to continue  but this message is to let you know I am finally leaving Nairobi. Nairobi was bitter sweet. But it has come a time that we said good bye. In due time I will be announcing my next destination so help me God.

But as always I have some personal requests: from the Kenya institute of character development (KICD) where I graduated with merit together with my good friend Stephanie following the lead, as she would say, we are not competing for positions, but in the last test I passed with flying colors and she lost to me while she was in  the process of winning.

So my request Is while  in Nairobi make a point of Registering for atleast one certification in the institute (KICD). And then when I will be back you will share your experiences as we fellowship together brethren.

Finally my people in Nairobi I want to send greetings to all the brothers and sisters, Greet each other with the holy kiss.

20’s: The In-Between phase — the daring

The closer I get to my 30’s, and the more I counsel college students, the more I realize that your 20’s can be summed up as an awkward, uncomfortable, in between phase. It’s funny. Growing up I always thought that once you were in your 20’s you had “arrived” at being an adult. I mean, […]

20’s: The In-Between phase — the daring

I feel I have lived a century at 20!😩

Is 20 the new 30?
Why is it that they is so much weight on your shoulders at 20,
Or am I the only one who feels my heart heavy and so many thoughts linger my mind,
It’s a kind of a state of confusion where you don’t know the path to take
A client in Meg Jay’s book; The Defining decade, says that at 20 something he feels that he is an ocean,
Getting into the analogy of the ocean, what comes in my mind is a huge mass of water moving, waves,
Water moving in no specific direction.
At 20 something we are struggling with ambitions and expectations to fulfill before 30,
Most of us are competing with our peers who are really living their best lives at the first quarter of their 20s.
Every time I read this book I feel all my worries are similar to Meg Jay’s clients’ worries, thus I ask myself,
‘is 20 something a global disease?’
A kind of an epidemic of the century,
At 20 am struggling to keep a healthy social life, maintaining a good GPA, worried of the future, am just a confused but yet ambitious millennial trying to live life.
For me I feel that as a young adult at 20, adulthood is being forced on me with a great pressure but the pressure is worth in every sense.
In this blog I felt like pouring out my heart and what I feel about being a 20 something
As Megan states, 20 is the defining decade, our 20s matter and we have to make the best of them.
I feel compelled to write about 20 something’s onwards .

Dear folks I leave you with this
Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today

And then one day you find, ten years has got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
(David Gilmour, Nick Mason ason, Rodger Waters, and Richard wright of Pink Floyd, ‘Time’)

A kind of sexual harassment that girls and women are battling today

This is a captivating caption that was in today’s Monday Nation DN2 column but to many girls it did not come as a surprise but rather an answered cry but to what extent?

Girls and women are abused verbally and physically unknowingly and knowingly. Every girl and women has an encounter with this kind of sexual harassment. They let it go though they are irritated and feel humiliated of the same. This is I bet for lack of proper channels where they can air the problem leaving the offenders triumphant of their act.

Sexual offences Act (2006)laws of Kenya stipulates forms of sexual abuse with the most obvious ones such as Catcalling wolf whistling Sexting sexual jokes Explicit pictures being among them. But the likelihood is that even the culprits are not aware of the graveous offences they are commuting which if proper channelled would lead to heavy fines and long jail terms. As it will remain ignorance of the law is no defence

Here comes my story

A time like this Last year I was at home. This is the time I was waiting to be admitted to the university and so I had nothing to keep me busy other than movies and keeping watch of our home after everyone goes to work. We had this shamba boy who used to stay with us and since he was the one who could help me kill the boredom aside from the movies we become very good accomplices and a times a curious girl iam I would follow him to the shamba

Now I know you have all sort of imaginations of what could have transpired haha

It was all fun and games until this man started showing his other side of him. Innocently I did not realise that this man jokes and flirts were what he actually he intended to do. He used to threaten me that he will actually, yes do that to me, so one day I was doing some house chores and from nowhere he comes and my adrenaline didn’t fail me he started running after me. Too bad am not a good runner so I trip and fall and he grabs me. I knew that was the end of me I couldn’t scream I retorted severally but his weight was twice mine and I could not help myself out of the situation. Luckily he had some foot steps and let go of me I heaved a sigh of relief. I was afraid to talk of the issue to my mother and I opted to talk to my aunt about it since I was quite free with her. I developed some kind of stigma such that I could stay in bed all day doors locked crying and when evening comes I would act normal and pretend nothing happened.

I once gathered courage and told my mum about it but a counselor she is she was lost of words and did not tell me anything other than ‘avoid him’and that was all what If this man had molested me? I understand my mums reaction was all that any parent would have done. Parents don’t take such accusation seriously rather they advice us to be careful.

Many girls have opened up to me telling me how they are spanked in public because of their ‘fine asses’ others are given nasty comments due to their body shapes especially those with the hour glass figures.

When it comes to sexual harassment to be honest girls are defence less. How I wish there be a way of telling these men we are tired of being handled misappropriately. Should there be people to police around these bodaboda drivers that we are tired of being catcalled honestly this sucks! Yes am personal because am a victim.

Well after all is said and done let us also dress appropriately us girls and avoid seductive grooming this maybe could in a way mitigate the problem. Boys and men exercise self control and self discipline.

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Things I learnt before 20

It hit me by surprise when I realized that within the next few months I’ll be bidding teenage good bye and enter another stage in life. Yes I feel fulfilled as a teenager and can’t wait for the next stage, apparently adult hood. Where I make tougher decisions on my own at my own peril of course

Don’t be afraid to lose!

Don’t be afraid to lose and when you lose never quit.This a period when we try so many things some for our benefit and others in lieu of competing with other teenagers. I learnt to lose and learn rather than lose and quit.

Be independent

Independence is not secluding yourself from your fellows but in my view its Making decisions without depending on multitudes, friends or peers also getting influenced. Have cool time with yourself have more of ‘you’ time just to asses your self. Take long walks,feel the breeze, run scream so loud, dance, eat, talk to yourself let no one call you crazy. Just BE YOU.

Friends come and go

Don’t be afraid to lose friends.Personally I lost friends I thought would be ones of a life time.Friends we fantasized great things together,haha,don’t blame them as people grow they get to realize who they are and maybe take a different course. Make friends too don’t cut connections interact more

Be self confident

Let not your weight height looks define who you are.Girl you don’t need that butt and the hour Glass figure! Let no one put you off because your are dark,baby you gat substance! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind speak let them talk.Lets your sassiness kill them you got looks show them off after all your are appreciating God’s work. Let no one humiliate you.Let not your past make you feel unwanted or pull you down.Be confident!


Spend on yourself. Go shopping! Buy good food! Dress well go partying, party responsibilly though go for road trips discover new places meet different people make memories while still young teenage is short.

Be responsible

Be responsible for your life as a teen some mistakes we make are permanent be careful! Let social media not make you antisocial rather try meet people and socialize. Listen to your elders counsel learn from people’s mistakes don’t make them to learn you messed well it’s not the end it’s a beginnings of a new chapter .


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Should I say good bye 2018?

Haha,just few days count down to 2019

Do y’all realise that only in December last year you all anticipated 2018 just the way you doing for 2019, I really don’t know why I feel this is a viscious circle

I don’t know if to us all it’s a happy ending or a sad ending

I won’t stop continually laughing at the funny memes we will post about 2018 all cursing

Hey do you know you were the actor and definitely the cast in your 2018 epic story?

I will utterly laugh at anyone who will endlessly rant relent and lament at how rough 2018 rode them

To those who had happy beginnings and happy ends kudos!

To those of us who got twisted and tangled along the way it’s time we got to sit back and replay what went down through the year carefully remove the twists and tangles

Don’t rush making new resolutions if u didn’t meet up to the last coz hey the story gonna be the same why waste your time

Just before the year ends,

Come to think of it, was this the way you envisioned your 2018 to look like?

If not u can still do it though the time cannot be reversed,so sad.

I hope for a better 2019

Sweeter smiles

Harder lessons😀

Accomplished goals

Cooler friends

Lesser regrets

If you lost friends in 2018,you are growing in which dimension I won’t say

I loved the tweet ‘ 2018 was basically a lesson of family and friends’

Moral lesson to carry in 2019

stick to family know your friends.

Wishing you a prosperous 2019

To happy ends and new beginnings.